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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
Sewer line repair and replacements are extensive plumbing services that should only be conducted by an experienced plumber, and Plumbing & Sewer Solutions has a team of licensed & certified plumbers who are up for the job.

Whether you are need a sewer line inspection, repair or replacement services, we offer reasonable pricing without compromising the quality of work. We have years of experience servicing the residential and commercial sewer line needs of those in the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Call us now to get a quote for your sewer line.

Plumbing & Sewer Solutions is dedicated to delivering superior sewer line services to residential sewer lines in the East Bay. Our professional plumbers get personal satisfaction from a job well done and we are known for going above and beyond to make our customers happy. As an independently owned and operated company located in the Dublin and surrounding area, we enjoy working within our community and building relationships with people and businesses around us.

Our certified plumbers have experience with all type of different sewer systems and have best practice solutions for your particular sewer problem. Our professional plumbers are polite, tidy and well versed in their area of expertise.

Contact us to restore your plumbing systems with our fast and affordable plumbing repairs.
Plumbing & Sewer Solutions
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